Dear partner

Aug 9, 2018
Dear partner

Innovative approach in the market of medical equipment!


Dear partner,

the «Medtekhnika and devices» company works more than 10 years in the field of equipment with the medical equipment and devices from the leading global manufacturers. During this time we have established ourselves as a reliable partner and are one of the leading market participants.

We have more than 25,000 items of equipment and materials.

Carrying out deliveries of medical equipment, "medical Equipment and devices" focuses not only on providing its best samples, but also to meet specific requirements and requests. For each medical institution, depending on its specialization, scale of activity and budget, we can provide the choice of the necessary medical equipment with the provision of a full range of services.

All materials used in the production, as well as the final products of the company, are thoroughly tested for compliance with quality standards. To do this, the company has created a team of medical specialists. Therefore, the quality and reliability of the company's products is not in doubt.

Having an extensive information base with the characteristics, functionality and prices of medical products, we help to save significant funds to our partners due to the correct, qualified selection of goods and a flexible system of discounts for regular customers and wholesale buyers.

С уважением, Голобоков Алексей ООО "Медтехника и приборы" 8960-105-7205